What is YPT Life?


YPT Life you say? If you’ve stumbled on this page then I will assume that you might be wondering what this site is all about! In which case we shall happily try explain.

Things are a changing

Lock-down has proved difficult for most of us, with those of us in the travel industry being particularly hard.

This has led people into lots of different directions. Many people have decided to bunker down and wait for the dust to settle, whilst others have decided to double with regards to doing what they love. We fall into the later.

What is it you love doing?

Throughout the pandemic we have continued writing content that we feel people enjoy. We have done this without adding tacky things like Adsense, whilst also avoiding putting up content for the sake of content. We want things to be interesting.

This got us onto a whole train of thought! What if we extended the content that we do and even expanded it. Why not make videos, podcasts and premium content for those who really like what we do.

The next step!

We therefore collected our best writers, grabbed a few other new people and set up this new venture, YPT Life is a new venture aimed at focusing on travel lifestyle and interesting travel stories from us and our extended universe of readers and listeners.

What are you offering?

We are essentially offering a service along the Patreon model, although we are keeping it in house, rather than using any kind of platform for this.

The concept is simple, you can sign up for as little as 3 Euro per month, up to 100 per month, with different tiers giving different benefits. You decide what you can afford and which one suits you best. Of course there is no pressure and some stuff will still be offered for free. Again this is completely independent of YPT, YPT will still keep its quality content coming for all!

YPT Life podcast

Why are you charging?

Quite simply we are a group that loves writing about travel, love sharing stories, and enjoy creating video and audio content. We do not need much money to survive, so if we can collect a little, we can keep doing what we are so passionate about.

What exactly are you offering?

For a full list of exactly what we are offering check out our about Page.

But, in short we are offering premium content via this website, 2 podcasts per month, 1 video and even a monthly hangout where we can all shoot the breeze!

You can check out the first free Podcast here.

Or feel free to either sign up here, or get in touch in you have further questions. We thank you in advance for supporting our Pioneer Spirit!

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whatever you do in North Korea

Whatever you do in North Korea, DON’T hurt yourself

Whatever you do in North Korea, DON’T get sick!