Pioneer Podcast Episode 2 – Dean Karelakas

Dean Karelakas

We interviewed Dean Karelakas for the Pioneer Podcast.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Pioneer Podcast, then let me introduce you! YPT life will be interviewing a number of rather interesting travel people. They come from a number of walks of life, but all have an interesting travel tale.

The first half of the podcast is free, but it is in the second half where we get all juicy! And this is the part that is only available to our Subscribers.

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Who is Dean Karelakas

Who is Dean Karelakas? Dean originally from Quebec joined the navy before heading out to teach English in Korea. He has since lived and traveled throughout the globe, both independently and with YPT.

It was through these travels that he found himself detained with a group in Bir Tawil, this led him to write a book called “The Men in No Mans Land”.

Dean Karelakas

To read The Men in No Mans Land click here

To read about Bir Tawil click here.

The podcast was not only great fun to do, but from what we can see will make truly great listening!

Why would you have a Dean on a travel podcast?

Everyone has an interesting story to tell, and Dean is no different. The main point of interest in this podcast is the fact that he managed to get kidnapped in the only “non claimed” piece of land on earth.

We get to hear what REALLY happened on this trip. 

What do you talk about in the Podcast?

The first half, the free bit we shoot the breeze about travel in general, before the second half where we get the full scoop on what exactly happened in Bir Tawil. Save from buying the book (which you should also do), the next best way to hear this fascinating tale.

Of course we do not want to give too much away and we suggest that you listen it yourself, either for free, or ideally the whole thing by becoming a subscriber.

How do I become a YPT life subscriber?

As our first podcast this one is free, but in future the second half will only be available to our monthly subscribers.

To be able to listen to the podcasts will cost you a mere $5 a month, slightly more than a cup of coffee for month and comes with a whole heap of benefits.

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