Pioneer Podcast Episode 6 – Jodie Hill

If you’re unfamiliar with the Pioneer Podcast, then let us introduce you! YPT life will be interviewing a number of rather interesting travel people. They come from a number of walks of life, but all have an interesting travel tale.

The first half of the podcast is free, but it is in the second half where we get all juicy! And this is the part that is only available to our Subscribers.

On this weeks episode we feature Jodie Hill.

Who is Jodie Hill?

Jodie is an English Lawyer, generally well traveled individual and one of the key members of Lets Buy An Island. If you’re unfamiliar with LBI as they style themselves then it is the worlds first ever crowd funded private island, which they plan to run as a profit making enterprise and a country.

Yep, if you’ve heard of all those crazy people that start their own countries, then these guys are those crazies. As well as being instrumental in purchasing the island, Jodie Hill also serves as the Prime-Minister of the Principality of Islandia. We talk to Jodie Hill about what it takes to buy an island…

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